To celebrate the 7th anniversary of Councilman Jose Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway initiative, a festival was held along the historic street. One exciting surprise was seeing Clifton’s Cafeteria relit for the first time in decades. The images excited many Angelenos and were picked up on several publications and blogs.


Los Angeles Magazine

“The once busting Clifton’s Cafeteria has been sadly quiet, closed for renovations for three years. Saturday night, the restaurant showed a big sign of life. Stephen Russo, a member of Vintage Los Angeles, tipped us off by posting a photograph of workmen installing a new retro neon sign to the page. Hundreds of VLA fans reacted by sharing and commenting on the post. Me? I bolted downtown to see the sign in person. Clifton’s, The Cafeteria of the Golden Rule I speculate Clifton’s owners moved now so that the beloved destination to be included as one of the top attractions during Saturday night’s Bringing Back Broadway event, which brought more than 30 thousand people to downtown’s theatre district. Seeing the iconic structure light up DTLA in the center of seven historic movie palaces couldn’t have been more powerful! The historic structure now consists of red neon lights that frame the five windows on the second floor. A sign above the entrance spells out “LIVING HISTORY – CLIFTON’S – ESTABLISHED IN 1932” in honor of its legacy. It is quite an achievement. Developer Andrew Meieran has put $5 million into renovating the 83-year-old structure and his vision is one to admire. He’s peeled back Clifton’s 1960s kitschy façade that covered up the cafeteria’s original design and revealed what’s been hidden underneath for more than 50 years, including the Clifton’s ghost sign.” Full LA Mag Article.

DTLA Rising

“In another truly momentous milestone for the revitalization of Broadway, new neon signs that were installed this past week were turned on for the first time — after at least four to five decades of being dark — during last night’s Night on Broadway event that attracted thousands of Angelenos who gathered downtown to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Councilman Jose Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway effort. Just last Monday, DTLA Rising first reported that signage was being tested and installed on Clifton’s historic facade as a precursor to a very likely, and much-anticipated, grand opening later this year.” Full DTLA Rising Article.

Curbed Los Angeles

Clifton’s Brookdale, the oldest surviving cafeteria in Los Angeles, has been undergoing a painfully long rehabilitation on Broadway—in 2010, Andrew Meieran of the Edison began work to restore the cafeteria’s famous forest-themed hall; add a Polynesian restaurant and bar, an Art Deco bar, and a soda fountain; and otherwise return the cafeteria to the height of 1930s and ’40s kitsch, but with all the complicated mixology of the 2010s. The opening date keeps getting pushed back and back (and Meieran’s PR people aren’t big on talking), but there’s a bright new neon sign that things are wrapping up: last week, the huge sign was installed on the building’s facade (which was covered with metal grates from the 1960s to 2012), and over the weekend it was switched on; this is the first sign of neon on Clifton’s in “at least four to five decades,” according to broker/blogger Brigham Yen.” Full Curbed LA Article.