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Every Major Development Happening in San Francisco Right Now

February 6, 2018 Development
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Last week, I was in San Francisco shooting a project for one of my favorite clients. I decided to stay through the weekend and do an update on some of the biggest projects happening in the city. Below are a few of the highlights, but I encourage you to click through to my Flickr page where I have uploaded over 100 various shots from San Francisco and Oakland.

2 Day Trip: A Quick San Francisco Architecture Update

August 30, 2017 Development
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Salesforce Tower San Francisco

Last week, I was in San Francisco for a quick job. I usually visit two to three times a year to visit friends, eat, and leisurely explore. Since my schedule has been packed lately, I only had about 40 hours to complete the job and trek around the city. Most of my focus was on new projects and construction (particularly on Salesforce Tower, which is insane) but I also took some time to visit my favorite spots like City Hall and Financial District.